Better Situational Awareness and Decision Support

Now you can have a single view of your resources, incidents, firelines, preplans, and more, in the same view, in near real-time, no matter where you are.

A Centralized Visual Interface for R3™
Risk • Response • Resilience

Mitigate and manage risks, and plan and inform intelligent response to enhance your community's resilience.

Intterra gives you your first-ever complete picture of what you’re dealing with on a moment-by-moment basis so you can make the right decisions at the right time. Use it to manage emerging incidents, to develop effective preplans, and prepare for special events in a single, common operating picture. And when you need to report to your stakeholders, Intterra will arm you with unique insights about your agency, enabling you to share your story of effective, responsive community service.

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The Impact of Digital Preplanning


TVF&R implemented Intterra for preplanning in order to solve the manual process that was causing delays and inaccuracies. TVF&R is now able to better serve their community by empowering firefighters and inspectors with modern technology-based tools that allow them to create accurate, dynamic, and up-to-date preplans.


With more accurate preplans, EMS personnel and firefighters can more effectively respond to any incident. All of this adds up to better serving the communities fire agencies protect.



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