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Pre-incident planning is a critical tool for improving operational effectiveness and maximizing available resources. Preplanning can help teams maximize emergency team capabilities to better manage natural disasters and dangerous incidences.

Many fire agencies lack the disaster preparedness tools necessary for managing team resources. Fire crews often rely upon antiquated strategies based upon outdated information and technologies. Having the right plan in place ahead of time will aid teams in developing strategies for allocating resources to necessary tasks and plans.

Your Free Guide to Digital Preplanning:

This comprehensive guide provides an overview of the importance of preplans, key features and benefits of moving to digital, and insights to efficiently streamline preplanning processes for your agency. 


You'll Learn the Benefits of SaaS Preplans, including:

  • How systems handle all types of hazards.
  • How to achieve the flexibility to accommodate new issues that arise such as COVID-19.
  • Simplifying data capture and instantaneously uploading images.
  • Quickly and easily sharing data between agencies at a regional level.
  • Easily integrating into other third-party systems.




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The Impact of Digital Preplanning


TVF&R implemented Intterra for preplanning in order to solve the manual process that was causing delays and inaccuracies. TVF&R is now able to better serve their community by empowering firefighters and inspectors with modern technology-based tools that allow them to create accurate, dynamic, and up-to-date preplans.


With more accurate preplans, EMS personnel and firefighters can more effectively respond to any incident. All of this adds up to better serving the communities fire agencies protect.



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