A Guide to Becoming Data-Driven, Evaluating Solutions, and Refining Best Practices

Reporting & Analytics are critical tools for improving processes and examining performance data. Trustworthy metrics can help maximize a fire agency's capability to better manage dangerous incidents and natural disasters.

Many fire agencies lack the tools necessary to clearly access and visualize their data. Fire crews already have the data they need but often rely on inconsistent metrics to produce reports.

Your Free Guide to Reporting & Analytics for Fire Agencies:

This comprehensive guide provides an overview of the importance of reporting and analytics, key features and benefits of optimizing your data, and insights to effectively evaluate a solution partner for your agency. 


You'll Learn the Benefits of Becoming Data-Driven, including:

  • How data fits into the world of the fire service.
  • The must-haves of a reporting & analytics tool.
  • How to properly evaluate different solutions and partners.
  • How to strengthen operations with reporting & analytics.
  • How accurate reporting can impact your agency's key stakeholders.

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Why Are Reporting & Analytics

Critical to the Success of Fire Agencies?


United Fire Authority serves more than 400 firefighters amongst 54 stations. With inconsistent data sources, they found it difficult to utilize their data to produce consistent, accurate reports. The team at Intterra went in, organized their data and set them up with new dashboards they could trust.


Read our R&A guide to discover how UFA improved their operations and process by gaining access to and visualizing data they'd had all along.





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